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Chinese way: do the best CAD China

Chinese way - to do the best CAD China

Respondents: Hangzhou China Software Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Mr. Wu Weibin way
Interviewer: China's Feng Shan Software Network

Deputy General Manager of Hangzhou Yuan Zhen Hua way software

Reporter: First, the Chinese software network fortunate to have this opportunity, on the domestic software enterprises in the construction of thematic channels on your interviews. So, please start to talk about China's current channel construction software industry status quo.

Wu: channel construction in China, the broad market, for each company, are very important and necessary. I see it, China has two problems existed in the software channel, which can be said that two aspects of its features.

First, the stability of the software channels: software channels are higher, and not hardware sales in the short term can have greatly improved, while software sales channels requires a long-term accumulation, so as to establish a relatively high stability of sale system. Therefore, we said, the software channel is geared towards the development of flat patterns. The same product in China have a lot of software vendors, partners need a fairly long process to understand the software vendor's cooperation mechanism. As a result, software vendors need a good co-operation mechanism to establish the company's brand, expanding the company's reputation and influence.

Secondly, the channel construction of the implementation of the edge: we are mainly do CAD direction, if we want to look for more good agents, not only need to establish a long-term business objectives, but also concerned about the agents point their interests. From the agent point of view, their concern is more a short-term interests, that is, their return on investment, look for more mature markets. We need to do is to find agents interests focus and guide the agents to fully understand our company, understand our company culture, about our excellent products and constantly improve the service and establishing a win-win relationship and confidence.

Reporter: At present the company's difficult channel construction where?

NG: First of all, brand awareness to be improved. How can I quickly find a good agent? This need to increase the company's brand awareness, so good agent knocks on your door, let them know, with us, is a major cause of return of interest, but also to strengthen ongoing investment agents, long-term confidence.

Second, rampant piracy is one of our long-term problems. At present, although the Government spared no effort to crack down on pirated software, but the situation is still not optimistic. The existence of piracy is not just a business, a user's problem, but the current historical conditions in China a necessary stage. Any of our software companies have to do a good job of preparing to fight a protracted war.

Again, the software. Channels the stage: We are building in the channel at the exploratory stage: Now that we have with agents is a long-term interests of the community, we have a need for agents realize the value of services, and allowed to establish self-confidence, and the interests of space to its full, has introduced its strong product. Thus, more cooperation can be carried out quickly, reflecting the value of our services.

Reporter: The company's solution to how the like?

NG: First of all, establish the company's brand recognition. Chinese way to fully use the advantages of resources within the company. We have a rich experience, strength, and thick in the development and management team. After years of development, our team also won the recognition of many partners. Agents on our understanding, will realize a win-win nature of cooperation, such cooperation can reduce the risk.

And brand building, of course, need the help of some advertising methods, our main means of publicity, including: A, to strengthen the construction site, while also strengthening the network of media publicity; strengthen product development, continually launching new products, product launch held regularly Council; B, to strengthen cooperation with the Government, anti-piracy software, establish legitimate software quality image and widen its influence; C, to increase exposure in various media, to strengthen cooperation with the second developer to carry out deep-seated cooperation.

Reporter: You mentioned many times to listen to the company's superior products, Can you give us a brief product and its advantages?

Wu: Yes. Company focused on mechanical design CAD. We also put Architectural CAD as a main direction of our year. Talking about CAD, we can not talk about domestic and foreign situation of the current number of CAD.

On the one hand, the domestic terms, do CAD this one is not even a lot of them, mainly two-dimensional CAD and 3D CAD, of course, three-dimensional CAD has many advantages, we are mainly doing two-dimensional CAD, to do three-dimensional CAD, must be fully mastered the basis of two-dimensional CAD technology. In addition, in our country, two-dimensional CAD has more features for our specific conditions. For example, capital investment, human resources without too much input, the starting point is relatively low, but can also develop more suitable for different software for each specific industry.

On the other hand, the international CAD software at an alarming rate in the technology forward. I had open door policy with the implementation of many excellent foreign influx of CAD software in China. Technically, the overall trend is toward integrated, networked, collaboration and intelligent direction. However, the overall level, China's development and application of CAD technology and the developed countries is still larger than the gap between various industries throughout the development and application of CAD technology in depth and height are present pressing problem.

AXCAD greatest strength lies in software performance stability. High cost relative to foreign, we are able to improve products and services at competitive prices. This is also after years of accumulation, which developed, and for China's national conditions of mechanical design CAD.

Reporter: A good idea is a long term development of the company's point standard, Chinese way of philosophy? What is the trend of development of the company's?

Wu: Our philosophy - to do the best domestic CAD. We are a technical industry, because of the field with 10 years of CAD experience in team development, and the accumulation of deep industry background, working for the Chinese to develop a user can use, easy to use CAD products, and related design process management software. Our trend, I think it summed up with the following:

Professional, so better

AXCAD that if a software can do anything, that means nothing useful. AXCAD its professional features, look forward to provide users with specialized software.

Details determine success or failure

A good software and bad software, the biggest difference is not functional differences, but the details of the process of achieving functional differences. AXCAD that reduce the user if a mouse click, a keyboard input, such efforts are worthwhile.

Good software, users create

AXCAD do not think that a group of developers who only know the computer to design good software, good software, designers can only be our true customers. Therefore, we have been working to shorten the distance between the user, we are keen users AXCAD praise, I also hope that users AXCAD harsh censure, AXCAD excellence that it is these users, is to promote the AXCAD biggest growth engine.

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